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    Any feedback on Pressable (recently renamed from ZippyKid)? I've got no experience with Wordpress & thought this might be a better place to start than a more generalized host, especially in terms of security. It's a bit pricey, but less than most of the other Wordpress specialized hosts.

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    Quickly looking over their website, I noticed a few things. I did a quick scan of their pages, and a 30 second scan of their TOS. I assume their base ($25.00) plan puts all 5 sites on one account. This is a hacking risk and most hosts allow add on domains, so this isn't very special. They also don't post specific limits in terms of Bandwidth, and DiskSpace. Therefore you don't really know exactly what you are getting. One thing you should really ask yourself is, what exactly more do you expect from a "specialized Wordpress" host rather than another host that offers WP?
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