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Thread: Google SPDY

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    Google SPDY


    Anyone here using Google's SPDY and found it to be an improvement?

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    I do not use, but I have heard of SPDY in cloudflare.

    SPDY is a new protocol that removes the bottlenecks of HTTP. You can support SPDY without having to make any changes to your origin server. Visitors with browsers that support SPDY connect to CloudFlare over the protocol. CloudFlare handles the multiplexing and begins sending down objects that we have in cache. The request to the origin server for non-cached objects is sent over standard HTTP/S. Get SPDY support with a single click.


    Other page:

    Centmin Mod HTTPS / SSL Google SPDY configuration

    Live demo SPDY:
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    We use it routinely to speed up SSL connections. No problems reported ever, and it does speed up successive requests because it keeps the connection open and hence doesn't need to renegotiate the SSL handshake. This is mostly noticeable with higher connection latencies (say 100+ ms).

    We do not take advantage of the other features like push streams, etc. so I cannot comment on that.
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    Sorry for hijacking this thread. Without HTTPS, SPDY is useless? I'm also thinking to install it in my server.

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