Containers and distributed storage are the future
Now free with HybridCluster non-commercial licenses

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering free licenses for HybridCluster, our full stack cloud hosting software platform, to any business or organisation to use for non-commercial purposes.

Our cloud software is already being used to successfully host some communities, open source projects and other non-commercial organisations including the OpenZFS project, which launched last September. On the day after the launch, Matt Ahrens, co-founder of ZFS, announced, We had over 20,000 unique visitors to the website yesterday, with a peak of over 500 concurrent visitors.

We especially hope that our free licenses will benefit open source projects, and raise the awareness of the efficiency and performance benefits of using containers for virtualization, and distributed storage for redundancy. To quote our CEO, Luke Marsden, At HybridCluster we firmly believe that containers are the future of cloud. For decades, full hardware virtualization has been necessary because of the limitations of multi-tenancy within operating systems, but now that is finally fixed, well see the benefits of containers ramp up in the next few years: increased densities, bare metal performance, and consistency of deployment. These benefits will start to challenge the virtualization market, which continues to struggle with the complexities and challenges associated with virtual machines, particularly storage. We at HybridCluster have been innovating in the container space for over 5 years.

Our HybridCluster software platform automatically provides high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) across data centres to web applications developed for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP), intelligently managing resources with auto-scaling across distributed storage. Our Data Vault component, which continuously snapshots file changes, provides the ability to rollback websites, databases and mailboxes, protecting against user and system error.
HybridCluster is designed to work on commodity hardware, so with free licenses, not-for-profit organisations can deploy an affordable private or public cloud that requires minimal support as its fully automated. We will be supporting these licenses through our community forum, upgradable to our 24/7 Enterprise support.

To get started, businesses and organisations can sign up at and select from the dropdown menu that they are interested in our free non-commercial license.