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    offer adwords an fb advertising coupon to client

    Most of the big companies inthe webhosting industry offers free adwords coupon, fb coupon and bing advertising coupon.
    Do you know how can i offer the same coupon to my customers?

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    You need to have a certain revenue level, something very high in order to qualify with their program.

    I forgot exactly how much your company must be earning, but I think it is in the millions.

    So if your hosting company already have tons of clients and is already making millions per year, you can qualify to give away these coupons to your customers.
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    Yeah to apply for these schemes you have to be making big BIG money, before they'll even consider you! I know its not the same, but you could link your customers here: . The offers they give away for Google Adwords are available for anyone, Google advertises it themselves, so you could just link your customers to that link. FB however don't do anything like this, so unless you are making millions in revenue, just forget about FB haha!

    Hope this helps

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    There are few programs in google which allow free coupons to customers of various businesses. However these coupons are of very small value.

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