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    New to web hosting (No idea what I am doing)

    Dear all,

    I would like to thank you in advance for any help that I receive as I am currently quite confused about the type of web hosting I should purchase.

    I am currently in the midst of creating a social networking website (working with a tech company) which will revolve around uploading MP3 and Videos, all users will be able to watch these videos. There will be around 10 pages to start off with, hopefully my site will do well and I can expand.

    I am wondering what type of web hosting I will need to start off with. As I do not know how much traffic my site will have or if it will even do well, I feel it would be a gamble to start off with dedicated servers. I have been looking at VPS servers from multiple web hosts (mainly managed ones) and it seems around the forums that Knownhost is regarded as one of the best (I have also checked out stablehost, webair and godaddy).

    Any help answering the following questions would be greatly appreciated.

    1) What type of web hosting should I go for to start? Keep in mind I have no idea how successful my idea will be. Also keep in mind that I am a complete noob at this and may not be as technologically savvy as all of you. Will I be able to learn how to self host, or should I go for managed hosting from the start?

    2) The tech company I am working with has suggested option 2 on the Knownhost managed VPS packages. What would you guys say to this? I am unable to post the link (sorry for the inconvenience and I understand if this question is overlooked)

    3) My website will be based out of Singapore, will using a host such as Knownhost have a huge impact on, for example, my website loading speed? I will be targeting worldwide, not just Singapore.

    4) I have purchased domain names on Godaddy, will it be difficult to transfer these to other hosts?

    5) I am currently using a mac, will I run into issues using a mac as opposed to something else when it comes to web hosting?

    I appreciate any and all responses and look forward to hearing your opinions and hopefully having some clarification on the above.

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    The most important question before anything else is, are those MP3 and videos copyrighted? If they are, you are out of luck as hosting them is practically illegal.
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    Hi JFSG,

    It will not be copyrighted material, on the legal and risk side I have everything covered. I am mainly confused about the web hosting.

    Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

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    Most shared hosting do not allow file hosting / file sharing. So, please check this before placing shared hosting order with any hosting provider.
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    1) I'll suggest starting with a managed VPS if you are going to host the videos/music locally, although I'll recommend using YouTube or some other video sharing site instead.

    2) They are a solid choice.

    3) Technically yes. The closer you are to the server you will generally have better performance. For a global audience a central US data centre will be ideal.

    4) Nope.

    5) Nope.
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    I would like to know what type of control panel you are comfortable. Uploading MP3 or video can cause a copyright issue unless you dont have a license for running such services. Though your host won't say you anything. But In case any one web make a compliant against you. If you have such music license, no one can raise a copyright issues (limited to few content only). Or you have to keep a check that your content is not copyright and if they are delete them. Youtube API would be the best idea to aviod copyright issues or hire staff 24/7 to delete any copyright material upload by your users. A VPS would good to start and then further move to dedicated servers.
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    I don't think that any standard Shared Account would work good for downloading music or videos. You need to work on a isolated instance and to use dedicated computing resources.
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