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    Hostgator or other ?

    is hostgator is best hosting service ?

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    Reading recent reviews...yes, they "were" good. But their quality has been dropped after recent acquisition and people are reporting frequent downtime and lack of proper support. But I have seen a recent post saying Hostgator is hiring more support agents. Hopefully they will be able to sort out all the issues they are facing, after they get enough technical resources!

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    HostGator was steeply going downhill after the company was bought out by EIG. Yes they used to be good but after reading reviews after the buy out, it's not so pleasant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by couponspider123 View Post
    is hostgator is best hosting service ?
    There is no best hosting provider. The best hosting provider is the one that suits your needs
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    I'm looking something like hostagator, can someone say some about ?

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    No it isn't the best at all nor is it even close enough to the best line . You want to find the best host? Then do research on many that you see stand out. Build a list and write down key features each host offers that makes them stand out write down prices and your needs and wants for hosting then narrow down your search results to one host . Then choose that one host submit a couple pre- sales tickets and see what their answers look like if they impress you then that host may be best for you .

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    yes hostgator is very cheap, fastest and best service,
    i am using hostgator, but earlier i was using 1freehosting and get rid of that and started using hostgator and feeling a great experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by summyplay View Post
    i am using hostgator
    Please contact us with something to show that you have hosting with them. You may use this link to do so.
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    star gate

    I like their service, Especialy they provide live chat, It is nice way to get hlp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dether View Post
    I'm looking something like hostagator, can someone say some about ?
    Dreamhost has been good and stable. However, please keep in mind, dreamhost is not a cpanel based host. Their control panel is customized and may not be the easiest to use for you.
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    I have used Hostmonster in the past and had good service from them. Easy to use and support is quick.

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    If you are looking for a reputable cPanel host check out

    I don't work for them, as a matter a fact they are my competition but they are well respected.

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    I switched to Hostgator about five months ago and am looking into switching providers. Have had issues since sign up and they haven't let up since.

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    Hostgator were good before now they are dropping i dont recommend Hostgator

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