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    What is the Value to Test Server Using AB

    I want to test my server using ab benchmark with the following criteria:

    5k concurrent users within 5 minutes.

    I tried testing using the following command:

    ab -k -c 1000 -t 120 -n 10000

    But the results says:

    Concurrency Level:      1000
    Time taken for tests:   6.566 seconds
    Complete requests:      10000
    Failed requests:        186
    I thought that -t with 120 value will test the site for 2 minutes. But it doesn't. It took only 6.566 seconds.

    Please help me how to test this.

    Thank you

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    -t timelimit
    Maximum number of seconds to spend for benchmarking. This implies a -n 50000 internally. Use this to benchmark the server within a fixed total amount of time. Per default there is no timelimit.
    So your command will test a maximum of 10000 times since it explicitly sets that (-n 10000) and timeout after a maximum of 120 seconds. If you remove the "-n 10000" and you'll have an implied "-n 50000" or 50000 requests. I'd actually remove the "-k" as well as you want it opening a new session for each request to accurately simulate 5k concurrent users, so:

    ab -c 5000 -t 120

    May be closer to what you're looking for. As a disclaimer, I'm just reading the page here and interpreting it as best I can, I haven't used this tool before. Looks to be useful though, so thanks for mentioning it.

    Edit: my concurrency setting is likely wrong for your purposes, and you may want to set a higher -n. If it's over 50k then it'll override the -t setting's default of 50k. The above command should tell you how long it takes your server to handle 5k requests delivered all at once though. Removing the -k is needed though, since you're testing for different users, not a single user in the same session requesting the same page thousands of times.
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