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    Hosting all over the place!

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm a noobie web designer that has run into a bit of confusion.

    I was helping a friend create a website for himself. We decided to go the Wordpress route.

    He had a previous website that he wanted to keep up in the meantime, so he bought a secondary URL and some separate hosting while we built his Wordpress site.

    Now that it's come time to launch the site, he'd like his old URL to be the main one.

    I've done this in the past without a problem - but this time I'm a bit confused.

    He has his domain registered with Network Solutions, his email hosted with Ready Hosting and his new website hosted with Godaddy.

    He dosen't mind keeping everything where it's at - he would just like the domain going to the right place. (The site Godaddy is hosting)

    What's the right series of steps? Change the existing name-servers that Network Solutions has to Godaddy's then point MX records from Godaddy to Ready host?

    Is this right?

    Thank you for any help!

  2. I dont understand why he has separate web and email hosting, does Ready hosting offers some kind of ActiveSync services or higher spam protection?
    If not you can cut cost down and just go with GoDaddy for web and email.

    Back on topic, yes you need to poing nameservers to godaddys, and on godaddys panel change mx to ready host.
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    No need to change name servers. Just log into his Network Solution control panel and add an A record to point the domain name to the GoDaddy's IP address.

    That should do the trick.
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