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    Web Hosting Advertising

    Hi WHT Members,

    Would like some opinions on what you think the best way to advertise shared cPanel web hosting is? Is pay-per-click (PPC) still worth it?

    Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

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    Some people believe very much in Ppc advertising but if you utilize multiple streams of advertising like on forums, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ppc and others you will have a pretty well rounded marketing campaign.

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    Spread you advertising into more than one way if doing it , by this I mean advertise on forums as you advertise on blog posts. Also local advertising is the best thing any web hosting owner can do it's very secure way of getting someone to order service from you and you gain better customer trust with face to face conferences. Even doing local advertising will get you more money because for one you'll be getting cash or checks and second these businesses that you advertise to May need more than hosting they may need a whole simple site developed which you can easily do and charge them a lump sack ontop of a month or yearly fee for hosting what not.

    Being kind and helpful on forums and then posting in the offers forum will help you see minor sign ups here and they and it'll pay off in the long runz

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    We suggest advertising on local networks, channels, etc., as all of the other methods listed above are pretty saturated with other, more established web hosts.
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    Have you thought about or considered local businesses? Remember that building a business isn't easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

    A little creativity goes a long way. Choose a niche and dominate it. There's all kinds of web hosting, so pick one that you're interested in and become the best at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcclaimedHost Alan View Post
    There's all kinds of web hosting, so pick one that you're interested in and become the best at it.
    This is probably the best bit of advice given on WHT so far.

    I believe in targeting businesses in the local area to begin with and then going from there. Although having a good online campaign also helps, but local businesses usually pay more for their services
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    focus on your local market first. This is a short test for you and your small company. There you will learn from your mistakes. When you will make some money then start to advertise in google or other marketing websites.

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    Go door to door "so to speak" to your local market, combined your services with a complete "online presence".

    Offer to shops, restaurants, doctors, beauty saloons, whatever your online presence package including domain, web design, hosting, and social media presence.

    Offer it for $20/Mo and up for the whole thing. Get 100 clients and you'll be making $2K a month recurring income.

    Just take a lot of effort, time, and commitment. But what business does not require that, if we want to really do business, these things are required, not optional.

    All the best!
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    Try popping down to your local industries and speak to them in regards to hosting their website.

    The company my dad works for use to pay 300 per month for a pathetic website! Since then, ive been in and settled them a managed hosting plan for 12 and designed their new website.

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    Are you going for exposure or for strict ROI? If it's strict ROI, I would certainly give AdWords a shot.

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    An avenue that not alot of people take is local. Have you been to a movie lately? A lot of movie theatres offer ad spots that play right before the movie. You could also offer discounts to local businesses to help spread the word.

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    In line with the topic, can anyone of you please advice as to which PPC is better for ROI to acquire new shared web hosting clients.

    Is it adwords / 7search / clicksor / bidvertiser etc ?

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