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    Shared Hosting - What do you look for?

    Hi WHT Members,

    Wondering what you look at when comparing shared hosting providers and what factors affect your final decision as to which host you choose.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    It depends on your needs.

    Can be price, features, support, data center, location, etc...
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    Feature and Support should be at the top. If your web site is important to you, set a maximum that you are comfortable with and find a host that gives you everything you need/want within that budget. If you become to price sensitive, you may end up writing a bad review here in a couple of months.
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    Features, Support Methods, Added extras (Control Panels, Script Installers such as Softaculous), Reviews, Looking at a budget:quality. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean cheerful. Depends what your looking for out of your experience and your needs. & - Since 2009.
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    The question is asked every other month or so.. It depends on many factors one being what is the persons needs and requirements who ever is seeking or comparing the hosts.

    For me usually when buying shared hosting back then a while ago I would just check out their data center speeds I would ask them certain questions I would like answered and depending on their replies I would debate on a host.

    When comparing hosts I like to compare key features all hosts should provider which is support , and how do they treat their customers in serious instances what not.

    I also look at what software do they use such as control panel and if any Addons like script installers or even website builders.

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    First find out what you need in terms of web space, bandwidth, and other features such as e-mail, databases, addon domains, sub-domains, etc. Once you've figured this out you should look for a provider that has good management and customer support as these are what really sets apart the good from the bad. Proper management and good customer support will usually mean better quality of service overall and less downtime if the server is managed by a competent team. All of the other stuff is secondary because what's the point of having a ton of features if the service is unreliable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Host Alive View Post
    Hi WHT Members,

    Wondering what you look at when comparing shared hosting providers and what factors affect your final decision as to which host you choose.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    1. You don't go to "best", "top" or similar website lists that list Shared providers based on their interest only
    2. You'd better stay aways from over sellers and do not choose by quantity
    3. Check whether a web host owns the infrastructure and network or just leases dedicated servers from someone else (it is not like it is wrong to do it, however hosts like these has zero control over the network policy)
    4. Speak to the web hosts support and ask questions about the service
    5. Read the Terms of Service in order to find out what kind of limitations apply to the service
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    Overall reliability, uptime, as little issues as possible; I hate changing the hosting providers, thus long term reputation is also something I'm considering. This forum and the members' reviews help a lot.
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    Although it's unquestionably true that it depends on your individual needs there are two features that are always a must: speed and reliability. A slow website can alienate your visitors and increase your click-back rate. If a host you have an eye on does not offer a free trial, try to find other sites similar to yours that are hosted with them and using Pingdom Tools to run some tests on those sites. That should give you an idea about how fast and reliable the host is. You can easily compare different hosts using this method.

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    From doing analysis/feedback on my customers they said that when they where looking for hosting the priority was support, then speed, They did not care how much they pay a host providing it offered a good service and support always comes back to good support and service.
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    Below are a few important things you should consider when choosing which hosting provider to meet your hosting needs:

    • Reliability
    • Cost
    • Server access
    • Registering a domain name
    • Data transfer
    • Disk space
    • Security
    • Technical support

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