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    Sago Networks Network Issues?

    Anyone else experiencing issues w/ Sago? We're unable to RDP to our machine, and pages load partially/very slowly. I'm guessing there's a problem w/ their network, since even support tickets appear to be getting stuck - I've had two (not very useful) replies since opening a ticket yesterday morning - our server remains unusable all the while...
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    I am also able to reach
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    Me Too


    Yes, me too. I started having trouble on Tuesday (01-14-14) around 10am - 11am.

    I CANNOT connect to any of my web sites or via http traffic at a physical location with Comcast as the ISP.

    I CAN connect at locations with Windstream as the ISP.

    I have not tested other ISP locations.

    I CAN connect to my dedicated server via ssh. I can vpn into my dedicated server. I can get to my web sites via VPN Local IP address.

    Here are some other diagnostics:

    Tracert's go through.

    Pings drop out. It seems to start having trouble at:

    Mtr's doesn't really drop but had a few minor drops.

    I have a trouble ticket open with them and I've talked on the phone with Tampa support. I've had no meaningful reply as of yet.

    This is by far the worst outage I've had with them in 5 years. Nearly 48 hours of a routing issue that should be fixed rather quickly.

    I'm forced to look at another dedicated server provider and have started to transfer some of my sites. I'm contemplating driving to Tampa to pickup my hard drives.
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    Thanks for sharing your research! I'm experiencing pretty similar, starting ~9am EST on 1/14, yet strangely never got any alerts from WSP, and using their MTR tool, it appears that there are indeed no issues on that route. For us and our customers, however, it's still unusable two days later. I finally rec'd a reply last night after opening another ticket:

    "We are investigating issue. Please stand by."

    Please let me know if you hear anything more, and I'll do the same! : )
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    sago networks support line rings busy

    -sago networks phone lines ring busy.

    I can't even talk to sales (or support) to see if I can buy the HD in my dedicated server so that I can take it somewhere else.

    The good news is that they are obviously aware of it. The bad news is that it should not have to take this long.

    My best bet for fastest uptime is to spin up a new server and ssh/scp/rsync the data. Then go through and redirect all the DNS Host Records. Uggghhh.
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    Still down 3 days later.

    A little too late did I discover this thread #:

    I'm obviously on a losing team in this matter.
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    Wow - thanks for sharing! :-o I'm seeing slightly better performance today, but still effectively broken (still can't RDP, pages load partial HTML but no imgs, etc.).
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    Just received:
    "Please hold we are currently investigating an issue with comcast."
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    STILL experiencing issues with NO plan or ETA from Sago!!!
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    I have spoken with Comcast and gave them some Ip's to look into from Sago. The technical representative told me to inform our clients to report these issues to tech support by ether calling their local comcast provider or 1-866-comcast and report the issue so they can build a case. They also have a ticket opened on this issue with some of the affected Ip's . Please report to them and you can reference the ticket number I have if you request it at [email protected]. I have been running mtr's from in the servers out and have clients I work with that use comcast and they are getting booted out in an RDP session but can get to their server from a friends house on another network. Thank you and I apologize about these issues.
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    This corresponds to our experience. Unfortunately we're finding that a huge number of our clients are on Comcast, as are we both at the office and at home! :-/
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    No luck on our side either. We are able to reach our servers intermittently via SSH, veeery slow IMAP and SMTP, no websites or webmail access for the past week...
    Mobile access via AT&T has also been hit-or-miss all week.
    We had to install dedicated VPN gateway connections for our Comcast customers so they could access their services routed through our server's IP in AZ.
    We are seriously considering the pain of having to migrate the servers to another site if this week-old issue continues for couple more days.
    And to think that all this time they have been telling me that I am the only one having network access issues!
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    That doesn't sound good at all, did you at lease get a update from Sago after a week?
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    I have talked to them, submitted support tickets as soon as the system started to have issues, etc.
    Still they say that they are working on the problem with their upstream provider but no ETA.
    Very frustrating and our customers are not happy at all.
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    Sagonet connectivity issue Jan 2014

    If you can, set your MTU on your Ethernet interface to 1460.

    This is what I had to do to workaround this issue after days of trying to figure it out.

    There are so many fail modes happening over all of this, that I am not confident that this will be resolved quickly. I'm not even sure that there is anyone capable of fixing this problem. All I have gotten is the run around with no solid explanation of what changed or what they are doing to fix this. I have gotten that it's my customer's issue, their providers issue, or my server issue, and not once saying that they have a problem and owning it. No ETR, phones are useless.

    It's been since the 15th, and I have yet to have someone from the now mythical "IP Engineering" to looking over my ticket and say "yeh, we did something and it broke stuff. sorry. we're backing it out."

    I've spent hours working on tracking their problem, and their only saving grace is that this issue isn't affecting ALL of their customers. This was a hidden thing that I noticed from the Atlanta datacenter with one of the dedicated servers in August, when rsync backups started failing between there and the Tampa datacenter where my backup server is. That, too, happened right after a maintenance period. To this date, it is still broken.

    So if you can, change your MTU and report it that resolves the problem with your customers. If so, it's another data point that davenoc can forward into the blackhole of IP Engineering and hoping something will come back out with an actual solution instead of my work-around.
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    Thank you Cryonator!
    Your suggestion was a big help for some customer sites. I still need to figure out how to solve the problem for the sales teams out on the road.
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    We have to change the MTU of our servers or ask to our clients to change the MTU on their computer?

    What was the previous MTU value on your server?
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    MTU "report"

    I'm on comcast and have suffered the same issues as others but have done some independent testing and can offer this;

    Ping to host using win 8 defaults appears to function normally.

    Ping with the fragmentation flags and size 1492 fails with fragmentation warning.

    Ping MTU 1473 fails with fragmentation warning
    Ping MTU 1472 fails WITH NO WARNING (this is problematic)
    Ping MTU 1460 fails with no warning
    Ping MTU 1433 fails with no warning

    Ping MTU 1432 succeeds without fragmentation errors (windows 8.1, comcast/xfinity, 'double NAT' through an Apple Airport Extreme and native comcast router)

    Ping from a non-comcast network was found to be restricted to 1436 bytes but without accompanying access problems to the hosts and services.
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    I might have spoken a bit to early. The MTU change to 1460 worked for a couple of customers served by a residential comcast subscription; I changed the MTU values from the router (not the comcast gateway) and it works perfectly.
    Other customers with comcast business gateways were not as lucky. Following mfree80286's suggestions I will be testing different settings later today and see if any one improves the connection.
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    Hi, a quick update on the tests I ran.
    Some sites were happy with 1497, others liked 1460, but there is this one site that will not take anything higher than 512??? Any thoughts?
    Thanks for your ideas, they have been very helpful today.
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    We have lowered the MTU to 1432, per mfree80286 on our servers and are collecting more information.
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    Yeah, basic networking... someone's router somewhere is refusing to set the fragmentation flag for seemingly random sizes of packets. To not set the flag on a packet too large to handle, you may as well null-route it 'cause half a packet is going to fail checksum and get canned anyways.
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    They appear to have switched the tampa routes to go out through tampa rather than over to atlanta. I have reset the MTU to 1500 and Charter is working to our machines now. I'm verifying our atlanta servers, but I suspect that they will remain problematic, unless they fix the real issue between the datacenters.

    I can't wait to see a post-mortem of this incident.
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    actually it looks like it's going from TPA through ATL, but through a different route which is working now. The ATL<->TPA other link is still suspect between my servers, but ingress/egress appears to be working.
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    playing around.....

    set my MTU back to 1500 for testing...

    hop 5 - (comcast)
    max 1472

    hop 6 - []
    max 1464

    hop 9 - []
    max 1464

    hop 10 - []
    max 1464, BUT got 25% loss on first set of pings

    hop 11 - []
    max 1464, BUT got 25% loss on first set of pings

    hop 12 - (
    max 1472(?) with occasional packet loss

    And for something even more interesting, I can no longer ping with packet set non-fragmentable if they are larger than 1404.
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    I wonder if Sagonet would accelerate a complete resolution to the problem if they realized that anyone affected by this issue possibly can't reach the page, meaning that new business on Comcast is... well, no longer new business.

    9AM EST, 1/22/14 -- Comcast residential, can still not access homepage using Firefox 26/win8.1, MTU 1432. IE access does work.

    EDIT: Nevermind the above, cache issue... MTU1432/FF26/win8.1 *does* access sagonet homepage.
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    The issue has been resolved. Comcast users now can reach our websites
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    Our server is back online as of last night. I'm not sure if the > 7 day delay was due to inattentiveness or it just taking that long to figure the issue out. The service that we got 7 1/2 days after reporting the issue was great. I just don't understand the delay in between.
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    Just wanted to thank DaveNoc for sorting our box out. We really appreciate your help! :-)
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    Our customers are back online since yesterday after 8:00 pm EST. Thank you all for your input and ideas.
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    I'm still experiencing issues with my server. I am not able to get in to the server despite being powered on and trying resets. When pinging the box I get no response.
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    You're Welcome

    I am in the Tampa NOC all throughout the day. If you send any issues to [email protected] we will make sure to get back to you asap. If you need a response back quickly and are logged into your client portal you can submit your tickets into general support and we will make sure to get in touch with the proper department or transfer you accordingly. Thank you again
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveNoc View Post
    I am in the Tampa NOC all throughout the day. If you send any issues to [email protected] we will make sure to get back to you asap. If you need a response back quickly and are logged into your client portal you can submit your tickets into general support and we will make sure to get in touch with the proper department or transfer you accordingly. Thank you again
    Email sent, thanks!
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    Sounds like that crappy "router" they use in Atlanta continues to have issues. They'll never learn. To run a carrier grade service you need carrier grade equipment.
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