Affordable, Reliable, Semi-Managed Dedicated Servers
Located in Chicago, Denver, and EU.

Upgrade to 100TB in Denver for only +$50/month.

Check out our instantly available HEAVILY DISCOUNTED servers @

99.9% uptime guaranteed, no questions asked.

5% additional discount on all quarterly terms, 10% on yearly.

Servers have remote reboot capability, automated OS reinstalls, and other controls, via our control panel.

If you don't see the server specs you want on our website, contact us! We do support custom server configurations with fast turnaround times.

Due to popular demand of our Dual 5520/5639 36/72GB servers + demand for LTO options, we now offer the following:

Dual Processor - Intel Xeon 5520 (upgrade to Dual 5639 12core for +$40)
36GB DDR3 ECC-REG RAM (upgrade to 72GB for $10/month)
2TB SATA 6.0Gbps 64MB Cache (add more 2TB's for $15/month, supports up to 4 x HDD hotswap)
1Gbps Uplink / 10TB Bandwidth (free upgrade to 20TB until Monday)
Chicago, IL (USA) (ETA < 7 days)
Add only $50/month and OWN IT after 12 months if you want! Then, only pay for colo or do as you please with it.
-> Only $119/month

[ Click Here to Order Now! Limited Quantities Available ]

Due to demand, we cannot provide all Dual 5520/5639 servers "instantly". The estimated delivery times are shown above next to each location for this particular server deal. We do have about 5-10 available for instant delivery though - check out our website!

We also have the following in stock, simply select your HDD configuration:
Supermicro Server with 8 Hotswap Bays
IPMI Access Included
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620

1Gbps Uplink / 30TB Bandwidth
Chicago, IL (USA)

with 4 x 2TB 6.0G SATA: $329
with 8 x 2TB 6.0G SATA: $389
... or with any other HDD combo of your choice, up to 8 drives! Contact us now to price your custom setup!

Contact us ASAP via live chat to reserve your 128GB Dual E5-2620 today!

Larger HDD configurations & SSD options available, please contact us on live chat or ticket.

Order any E3 v3 Haswell server and receive a free upgrade to 1Gbps / 30TB uplink. Simply submit a sales ticket after ordering and you'll get upgraded for FREE!
Please note - on the E3 v3 Haswell servers, we allow swapping the 2TB SATA for a 120GB SSD. Simply contact us after ordering and we'll make the swap for free, no hidden charges.

Why wait hours or even days for a dedicated server when you could have one instantly?

Our website automatically notifies our automation system to prepare a server as soon as you start the order process. By the time you finish paying (and passing our fraud checks, of course!), you should already have your server login information sitting in your inbox.

Our server list is an inventory feed that updates when people order servers and when servers become available. Reserve yours now before it's gone!

All 100Mbps uplinks receive unmetered bandwidth, with the cap being their port speed. 1Gbps defaults to 10TB, but get a free upgrade to 20TB if ordering by Monday.

Just a few of the recommendations/reviews by happy customers:

Reseller discounts are available. Please inquire by email to reseller/at/

- We offer a wide array of operating systems. If you want an OS not listed on the "instant" server you choose, we can reinstall it for you with that OS. Reinstall times can vary, but since we have an autoprovision system, we can often install operating systems within minutes.

- Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 is available.

- Additional IP addresses are available.

- All servers include free IPKVM access upon demand, and many actually include IPMI (Supermicro!).

- If you need a hardware change (for example, additional hard drives), just let us know in a ticket and we can add it, even after you order.

- We provide a 99.9% uptime SLA on all of our networks.

- If you need a custom server, please feel free to contact us via sales ticket, live chat, or email to sales/at/ We can accommodate custom server specifications and colocation solutions.

If you have any questions, please do let us know! We are available to assist you. I do answer my PM's if you would like to contact me here, too!