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    Need some help, a newbie.

    Hello guys so basically I need to setup a VPS for my personal use, I tried Pav Hosting yesterday but came across and error which i did my research but got completely stone walled. So i bought the server, logged into control pannel and I couldn't seem to install it (the VNC part) It kept saying both on my laptop and comptuer that my security wouldn't allow it, so I turned my firewalls off and still it didn't work out. Has anyone had similar issues and can help me? I appreciate it.

    ps: I have requested a refund from pav hosting now my server is completely off and They don't pick up their phone so i decided to move on from them. Thanks guys! There are also screen shots.
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    The problem is most likely in your browser settings, more likely Java settings. It has nothing to do with your host, and you will most likely get the same issue on all host using SolusVM if yu not find the settings in your browser and change them.

    Did you try with another browser then Chrome?
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    Yes boss, i tried on both chromes and internet explorers on my laptop and computer. I also added the control panel site to my Java safelists, but as i thought it was working it just gave me like a little popup that did nothing.

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    Strange, I do not get the same error as you in Chrome, only get a gray box telling me that I have to enable Java. So maybe it's something else then, and I was to quick.
    But have never seen that problem before, and I have used/tested more then 50 hosts the last two years, most of them with SolusVM.
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    Hi. that did happens sometimes. it looks like browser issue. Can you try installing Java app. again and try in Firefox.

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    Update the Java app to latest version or compatible to your browser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blogdum View Post
    Update the Java app to latest version or compatible to your browser.
    I did that to all firefox, chrome and internet explorer on both my laptop and computer. Still doesn't work. See attachment. This is when i click on 'details' after It tells me its been blocked
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    Dou you have a same OS and browsers versions at your desktop and laptop? May be you will try to login from, for example, tablet ps or smartphone and then tell us what will happen...

    Cause now it's rather hard to say something about this bug.

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    FOUND THE SOLUTION (Posted it here)

    As I don't know how to edit my post I couldnt do it from the first post but anyways, I've found the solution and it's more simple than I thought, I didn't know how the hosts couldn't help me with it but anyways I know from now its better to try yourself than wait for someone.
    I found the solution so I'm posting it so other newbies solve it too! So anyways it's really simple so for anyone who had the same issue I hope this helps you. I'm not a pro or anything but I know some newbies will have the same issue.
    Windows 7

    Go to Start and Search Configure Java, after you go into Security, And you turn the security level from High (minimum) down to Medium, Apply and you're done.

    *WORKS ON other systems, just find the Configure Java Panel.

    Screen shots have been added too.
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