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    Thumbs up 18 month review of - 5 star service

    KnownHost is one of my fully managed services, and I think this is the reason why I have not had any issues with them the last 18 months. Read more in my review.


    KnownHost is a US based company with data centers in Texas, California and New Jersey. They are using Virtuozzo on their servers, and offer fully managed plans with both Plesk and Cpanel.

    Their plans goes from 512 MB of RAM to 5 GB of RAM. With a price of $25 - $90/mo.

    I'm using their SSD2 plan with 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of SSD disk space and 3.000 GB of BW. I'm using Plesk 11 as control panel. The price for this plan is $50/mo and for a fully managed server with Plesk/Cpanel this is a good price.


    KnownHost is known for their good service, and I have only positive experience with KnownHost so far. I have used their support once on 18 months, it was because I wanted to update PHP from 5.3 to 5.4. They responded in person within 3 minutes after I opened the ticket, an within 8 minutes the issue was solved. But three minute response time is really good.

    Free stuff

    The last 18 months, my VPS plan has been upgraded for free several times. I have gone from normal RAID 10 disks to SSD disk. My RAM has been upgraded from 960 MB to 2 GB. My BW has gone from 2.5 TB to 3 TB. And the CPU has been upgraded from Xeon(R) CPU E5645 to Xeon(R) E5-2630.


    My monitoring services tells me that I have a 99.994% uptime the last 12 months with 1 minute monitors.


    It just works. Almost no downtime (32 min last 12 months), no issues, no need for support. (just me asking for updating PHP) What a perfect host. If you need a fully managed host with Cpanel/Plesk in the US, take a look at, and I'm sure you will be happy.

    Se some more pictures of benchmarks results and uptime on my site...
    My Top 20 benchmark list (and review site)
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    Thank you for the kind words. We are constantly working to improve ourselves as we want to ensure the best possible experience for all of our users.

    Thank you again for being a loyal customer.
    KnownHost Managed VPS Specialists
    Fully Managed VPS, Hybrid,and Dedicated Servers
    KnownHost is hiring! Click here for more information!

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