I'm working in a master thesis that it's somekind of social network, that I want it to be something like facebook oriented, you can access by web, or you can install it and have more functionality.

For the server side I'll work with PHP+PhPixie+MariaDB+NginX. For the client side I already made some practice with every html5/css/jv framework/jquery out there. For now, I think the best option It's html5boilerplate+modernizr+twitter bootstrap+jquery+phonegap with Netbeans IDE(everything I want to use should be free comercial license)

But taking now a look I've found few more mobile oriented frameworks that maybe will suit more. Those are the combinations I want you to discuss, if it's better to make a change or just continue as I think. I want some balance between speed, documentation, easy of use, easy of wrapping, bugs, etc...:

Intel framework(counting his IDE, his builder, his wrapper, etc...).
Intel framework + phonegap
Intel framework + jquery plugin
Intel framework + jquery plugin + Twitter bootstrap
Intel framework + jquery plugin + Twitter bootstrap + phonegap

I'm really confuse if I should consider those options instead of my selected one. I need to point once again that is web/mobile cross-platform, and not just mobile cross. So isnt an option to see a supersized mobile look in the web as opossed to a responsive web. Thankyou.