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    Anyone using ResellerClub? Any good?

    Could someone please tell me their experiences of ResellerClub? I am thinking of using their reseller program. What is there servers speed/support like? Any problems with them? I have read some pretty bad reviews, however these where all unto mid 2013, anything changed? Any recommendations or alternative would be great, preferably with cpanel.


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    Also this is for UK reseller? If that makes any difference

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    They are new to hosting market and is offshore support, I've assisted a few people moving away from them with very slow speed hosting.

    For hosting its a no! their good for domain reg though
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    I was used try to buy reseller from them but when i was register on them website ,then an guy on live chat i have account on ressel dot biz then i was asked him , That i had domain reseller there but resellerclub agent how can know this?

    Then i told you how to know my data , is that same company , Then he pass ,

    I face few trouble & leave them

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    i don't know about reseller hosting
    i use them only for domain reg and email hosting
    i look they offer 30 Days Money Back guarantee, you can cancel anytime
    i have test to cancel my email hosting pacakge with them and they credit my money,

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    I am using their Domain reseller, and they are very good.
    I hardly need support, as domain management do not need lots of support.
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    I tested a US based reseller account (they offered a free first month at launch), at that time service was fast and steady, though things might have changed as the servers filled with accounts. The best option is probably to signup for an account and see what you think, I believe they offer a 30 day guarantee. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    on the domains part they are good .. coming to reseller hosting and the unlimited plans they don not offer monthly plans .. most of the clients require it at monthly basis but they dont give an option ..

    straightly its good if u want it only for domains .. and if u need hosting try some thing better ..
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