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  1. #1 scam ?

    Have you guys had any experience with in terms of paid listings for Hosting ?

    We signed up with them and paid for a 3 month campaign which performed very poor. During the first two month the average user coming from spend between 0 and 9 Seconds on our page. (normally the average user spend around 2-4 min on our page and we perform well with most other paid listings.. ) performed as following:
    Bouncerate: around 80%
    Total Clicks: 45 Clicks
    Cost: 1500 USD

    For some reason, half of the clicks have 0 seconds page views.
    We tried to speak to the management to solve this, but I was told management is busy traveling… Our credit card company refuses to refund the money as technically there have been “some clicks”…

    So we end up paying 1500 USD for 45 clicks.. What do you guys think ?
    Mateo Meier
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    They're not a scam, but the promise what they can't deliver, which is why they can contact us all they want they're not getting a penny from us. Too many competitors on there.
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    What performance metrics are you getting on other services similar to serchen? If you're seeing the same bounce rate, time of site, etc. then it's more likely the services you're offering either don't match the keywords you're being found by, or are not competitive/unique enough to get a visitor to subscribe.
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