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    Dns difficulties

    Hi WHT genius'!

    I've recently started (/still building). a small Wordpress design business. I have had a reseller account wig a small host until just before Christmas which worked nicely but I had to change host to allow for a little more size. I decided to give eleven2 a shot as it fitted my(very limited) student budget.

    I've had a little difficulty/ confusion setting up the dns etc. I followed the instructions and it all seems to work, but one domain has been saying there is a an error, I tried to replicate it and can't seem to (the website appears as normal to me on all devices I have tried).

    I ran a dns health check at pingdom and it came up with delegation error. But don't know what if an do do fix this. I can design but can't manage the more technical side as I haven't done much until now.

    My reseller domain is www and the domain that doesn't seem to be working is www (sorry it won't allow me to link.)

    I have other domains attached to the reseller account that come up with the same error but haven not experienced any issues I have noticed. (Apart from the occasional bit of long loading time)

    Sorry if this is very ignorant but I'm doing maybes tot learn as fast as possible, so any tips would be very helpful!


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    543 looks like it has not yet been registered, just like Are you sure that's the right domain?

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    Ah sorry, my fault, it's

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    The domain is registered with following Name servers.


    But the NS records in the DNS zone for the domain are set to the following.


    So what do you want to do now is, edit your DNS zone, and set NS records to and That will fix the error message.

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    So is that change the dns zone in my Web host manager from .uk or in the client website? (the error was no nameserver found at child, could you confirm who is defined by the parent and child?)

    if i wanted to use the custom nameservers ( and ns2) which i have added to the a record on the reseller account's domain. Would I just edit the nameservers at the clients domain registrar? (i control the domains).

    Thank you so much for your help. Im desperately trying to learn but have been confused by someone explaining it all slightly wrong!

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    The concept is, the name servers you use to register the domain should be used as the NS records in the DNS zone of the particular domain. In this case, if you want to use as the name servers,

    1. Go to the domain registrar panel of ( as per whois its ) and change Name Server records to and Now go to the WHM of the name servers ( to where are pointing to ) and make sure the NS records for domain set to and

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