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    OVH Refund - Taking Forever

    I paid for a dedicated server with OVH 12days ago but the transaction was cancelled due to issues talked about here. OVH sent me a mail that the money will be refunded an about 5-9days. It's already more than that, yet the money is not in the papal account used.

    I sent a mail to OVH and they responded by telling me that since they cancelled the transaction it is paypal that will release the fund and it will take about 5 - 9 days and it's already more than that. What can I do in this situation ??

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    I suggest all you can do is have some patience.
    I am sure they will just get your money refunded at their earliest convenience. - Online in no time
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    PayPal to release the funds? That sounds a little odd… If it's through PayPal make sure it's sorted out within 45 days.
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    OVH's billing with PayPal works in a different way.
    When you pay OVH's invoice via PayPal, it shows as you have authorized the funds to OVH and these funds are on hold by PayPal until OVH accepts it. OVH seems to accept the funds when the order is processed. So if your order is not processed the funds could be with OVH.

    Anyways do not worry as it can even take upto 2 weeks to receive your refund. - Security notices for the hosting community.

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    I would say if after 2 weeks you don't receive the refund then I think you should contact them and ask for an update. Normally for any refunds it usually can take up to 2 weeks. As much as you don't want to wait, that's the way refunds works. If they don't give you an update or the money then you can always contact Paypal directly and see what they can do to help you get your money back.

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    ovh hard to refund, i have try add that fund to other server

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    The guy confimed that the money was refunded but his account was limited less than 30minutes later. He said he has $700 in the account. What can he do to get his money out?

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    Pretty much everything is slow with OVH lately, so no surprise there..
    As for PayPal, you should contact them directly if the money is already in your account and you can't withdraw.

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