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    * NixTree Offers Spam Filtering Solution | | Premium Solution in best price

    NixTree Solutions, an Indian based Outsourced Web Hosting Support Company is excited to add Spam Filtering to its service domain. By providing this, we are the one and only support firm who can offer such a spam filtering cluster exclusively to the clients. The Spam Filter Cluster is based on a well known solution in the industry, and built it in a way to provide it to our customers in a very cheap price range. The back-end technology is a proven solution and already protecting millions of domains. By adding this protection, there is no agents will be installed on your server and there will not be any overload due to the email scanning. The email scanning is exclusively done by our Spam Filter Cluster.

    We are primarily offering Outgoing Spam Filter to our clients, as it is the most sensitive issue everyone has been facing. By adding the server to our Spam Filter Cluster for Outgoing emails, it will scan emails and filter Spam Emails with 99% accuracy. Thus you can avoid listing your servers in various RBLs, and following email delivery issues. We are offering several flexible plans based on the email rate from servers. Following are the Outgoing email filtering plans we offer

    50 Domains | 5000 Emails an hour

    100 Domains | 10000 Emails an hour

    200 Domains | 20000 Emails an hour

    500 Domains | 50000 Emails an hour

    1000 Domains | 100000 Emails an hour

    We also offer optional incoming email filtering based on number of domains, where we charge $5 / month for one slice ( 10 domains ). We will be offering exclusive control panel using which users can control their email filtering settings, along with incoming filtering. Of course, we will be offering discounts for bulk purchases.

    These services are limited to our clients only and unfortunately we don't have any plan to offer it to public at the moment.

    Any more questions? Please reach us at sales[at]nixtree[.]com or use live chat facility in our website and we are happy to answer your questions.
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    * Ksplice Licesne

    We would like to announce, we are now offering Ksplice license to our clients for $4 / month as an add-on service. We will be offering special discounts for bulk purchasing of Kplice license for servers.

    We are providing the following services as add-on with any of our support plans,

    1. Ksplice ( additional price included )

    2. Spam Filtering Cluster ( additional price included )

    3. Complete Support to NixTree cPanel plugins ( Free Service )

    4. High priority support and availability for our future security based plugins.

    Any questions? Please reach us at sales[at]nixtree[.]com and we are happy to assist you.

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