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    MyBBForumhoster - Start your own free forum hosting service | Multiforums script

    Limited time offer: Use coupon code FROMWHT to receive 30% off the original price.

    Forums are among the most popular website types. While free hosting providers offer the resources needed to host forums, most people lack the skills required to set up and expand their forum, making this product a great opportunity for those who want to launch a forum hosting service.

    MyBBForumhoster lets you to offer free forum hosting service with the possibility to put ads on each of the forums and to sell premium membership.

    MyBBForumhoster not only gives you the possibility to provide free forum hosting service, but will also let you to install plug-ins and themes so that the users can use them without any effort - making the hosting service even more appealing.

    The service runs on a single set of files and can handle unlimited number of root - and sub-domains. Thanks to the extremely user-friendly installer and admin panel, setting up and managing the service is extremely easy.

    Easy to manage
    Control every aspect of your service from the extremely user-friendly admin panel.

    Simple forum management
    View statistics, server usage and the associated domains from the same place. Suspend, activate, delete or transfer the forum without any hassle.

    Advanced Ad Manager
    You can place header, footer ads and javascript ads, add them to the rotator or have them display all the time. You can also set an impressions limit. Ads are tracked in real time.

    Premium membership system
    Offer premium membership service. Whenever you want to offer this service at a fixed one time fee or as a subscription, you have the tools.

    Automatic updates
    The update manager will not only update your platform but will also update all of the hosted forums automatically so that your system is always secure.

    Automatic daily backups
    According to Murphy things will go wrong sooner or later. The automatic backup module will make sure that your data is always safe.

    Multiple domains
    Ever woke up with a great domain idea? You can offer unlimited number of domains and even transfer a forum from one to another.

    Multiple databases
    Reduce the database load by using multiple databases. You can assign an unlimited number of databases and the platform will make sure that the load is balanced between them.

    Templates system
    Update the appearance of the website without getting your hands dirty: MyBBForumhoster comes with a template system to save you time and let you update the site without PHP knowledge.

    Mobile friendly
    Let your visitors set up a forum from their mobile phones and tablet devices. Thanks to the awesome bootstrap framework the website will make sure that you cover all device types.

    Live statistics
    Access the information you need in real time, at any time. Check the popularity of your service, ad performance and server load from the admin interface.

    Load balancing
    If enabled, MyBBForumhoster can automatically disable all forums until the server load is below the desired level.

    runBB is a website based on MyBBForumhoster, using a custom theme.

    • Up to 15MB for the platform and the MyBB files
    • PHP with MySqli support
    • Ability to connect to websites using cUrl through port 80 (Available by default on most hosting accounts)

    Although there isn't a specific memory requirement, the more RAM you have the faster your website is.

    The product costs only $30.00 for a limited time, webhostingtalk members can also claim a 30% discount. Lifetime support and updates are included the the Extended license. License is transferable after 60 days.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you require assistance with the installation.

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    I buy it.
    I try to make install, and I come back.

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    Hello Thomas,

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you experience any problems during the installation - you should have received an email a few minutes ago. I hope that you will enjoy using our product.

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    Install successful. But I have a problem with Wildcard DNS.
    I don't use cPanel, so I think you need to explain how to do that with Apache2 only.

    NB : Installation is really complete !

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    Glad to hear that you haven't experienced problems. Depending on your system the instructions differ (by default cpanel instructions are included however cPanel is not a requirement). You can either contact your host and ask them to enable Wildcard DNS for you or email/pm me the operating system/type of hosting account (shared,virtual,dedicated) and I will do my best to provide you with instructions.

    Quote Originally Posted by th0m4s View Post

    Install successful. But I have a problem with Wildcard DNS.
    I don't use cPanel, so I think you need to explain how to do that with Apache2 only.

    NB : Installation is really complete !

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    I'm really sorry..

    Your script works fine !
    I use unzip and mv, I forgot .htaccess is not moved with all files..

    I recommend it

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    Quote Originally Posted by th0m4s View Post
    I'm really sorry..

    Your script works fine !
    I use unzip and mv, I forgot .htaccess is not moved with all files..

    I recommend it
    I'm glad that you have found the installer easy and that you are enjoying the software. Please don't hesitate if you run into any problems or if you require assistance with switching to a custom design.

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    Support multi-language?

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    I would like to thank those all the WHT users who have bought our products and/or contributed with suggestions. The promotion is valid for 7 additional days.

    Feel free to message me if you have questions about MyBBForumhoster.

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