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    Need help in choosing a good "redundant" monitoring system?

    Greetings people.

    I was looking and working with Nagios/Centreon , but when I see online documentation, there is not much on redundant monitoring.

    I want to setup two monitoring servers, on to work as a Active, and another as passive, so if the first server fails, the other one pick up.
    So they will be watching and monitoring the same objects.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Not sure how to make active-backup connection with nagios, but you can install two active servers and monitor similar hosts with them, you can sync config files between your servers, so you will get some kind of redundancy.

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    I testing that kind of setup. Two nagios servers, that will be synced. But there is no good documentation on that topic. The thing I want to avoid is double alarms from those two servers.

    Is there maybe some good monitoring system that offers better redundancy options for monitoring web applications and servers, and that offers redundancy.

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    A simple solution to avoid duplicate alerts would be:

    - run two Nagios systems as master and slave
    - set up the slave with notifications 'disabled'
    - set up an event handler on the slave to monitor the master, and should the master go down, run a script to 'enable' notifications & use the same script to 'disable' notifications again, when the master comes back online again

    There's some other methods like using remote collectors, which might be worth looking at for large networks. And there's commercial tools that do all this too.
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    Thanks for the info.
    Exactly what I wanted to do.
    So I think i must run a NRPE script, on the slave because they are not in the same subnet. The check_nagios script does not work.

    And I would like to install Centreon to easily add new hosts.
    I think it is enough to only have one cenreon on Master, and maybe define two poolers or systems on it for the local master and remote slave.

    Any useful info on scripts?

    thanks in advance.

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