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    Letters in the mail to renew...

    I get letters in the mail a couple times a year asking me to renew my domains. Its a total scam though. They warn me its about to expire and if I renew now it will ONLY cost like 130$ for a year.

    Anyone else get these domain scams in the mail?

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    I mostly get these from Domain Registry of America (DROA) (but not for high amounts).
    I get calls and emails all the time from clients that get them asking if they should pay. We have KB articles, and emails we send out remind them that we send invoices directly, anything else is not us. No help, they still contact us (but at least they do, and not just pay).
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    Yea, I get letters in the mail from (DROA) for crazy amounts to renew my domains. I just ignore them, not paying $1xx to renew a domain name.

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    All the time. Especially from the Domain Registry of America, or whatever they call themselves. Occasionally they're even shadier than that - going as far as using empty threats like "your domain will be canceled", when it's got over six months left in the registration period. That trick is for some other registrar ith an even 'get-rich-quickier" name than the first. Thankfully the folks I work with are pretty sharp about it and those letters rarely make it past their junk pile as far as I can tell.
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    Yep all the time... My shredder loves them...

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    Yep we get them too.
    The thing that sucks is that I'd guess from the number of clients/friends that have brought them to me asking if they're real that there a big chunk of people who must fall for it.

    I've seen them to for fake trademark renews.. - credit cards are fine if you want only 30% of the world's markets

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