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    Noticeable Traffic Dropped After Transfer

    I recently transfer a website from host A to host B due to several email issue. (17th Dec)

    After the transfer when I'm working on report now, I notice the traffic dropped right after the transfer. (blue line indicate Dec)

    Is there any specific reason for this or this is just random?
    Appreciate your advise, thank you.
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    Is that a third party tool that you are using (separate from host a and b)? Also do you have fluctuations like that at other points in the year? If not, then it might be a good idea to have your host check the logs to see if visitors are receiving errors or if security is blocking some traffic. Conversely, if your previous host had a high amount of bad traffic making it to your site, then that might show up in your graph.
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    If you look at the graph the traffic pattern is very close for the two months. Look around 8th November traffic is down and December traffic is up. Looking at the end of the month it is almost dead even. Traffic patterns will never be the same month to month. If you had no traffic I'd be worried. Hosting Solutions Since 2004
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    Hi Helix,

    No 3rd party tool or anything special, just a company profile with products catalogue. Not seeing the same trend for past year. Let me ask my host to check on what you mentioned, thanks.

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    The graph looks random to me. Check stats details on the dates with high traffic Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Seeing how the amount of visitors per day is quite small, these "big fluctuations" don't represent a lot of visitors and thus could just be because traffic always fluctuates.

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