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    SSL certificate problem

    My ssl certificate provider showed me the following image and told me

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you look at the screenshot above, I believe that you should be putting the local IP address as opposed to the outward facing one. Please try adjusting that and attempt it again. I apologize for the delayed.

    What he really mean to say? I am not understading him. Can you please tell me what to do??
    I have installed oneclick ssl on my whm from
    i was unable to install ssl on my server. then their support team told me that. what they mean??

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    Your servers public-facing main IP address should be listed in that box.....are you trying to install a certificate for the hostname of the server for use with the services or install an SSL host?
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    Sounds like your SSL provider is being a idiot to be honest with you.

    If your installing it to your hostname, install it via the normal way you would for a client:

    Home » SSL/TLS » Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain

    Then go to: Home » Service Configuration » Manage Service SSL Certificates
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