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    What's the best way to search for dedicated hosting

    Well, we are medium web company using in-house cloud hosting for our sites
    There's one forum we own which requires dedicated server and it's a problem to find a good one) My admin always used to find a good one in terms of specs and price, but the recent ones were not good for our visitors (low speed).

    Now i took that in my hands and searching on my own.
    I have contacted a few hosters requesting for my spec price and 100mb test file. I'll suggest my visitors to test speed for those which are ok in terms of specs/price and make my decision.
    The question is - where do i look for hosting companies? It should be US med/large hosting company with unmanaged ubuntu servers.
    Anyone has got a list?

    That's my spec
    4 core, 8 Gb Ram, 2Tb+ HDD, software Raid, BW 10 Tb
    unmanaged, US, Ubuntu 13.10 x64, no panel
    legit adult content

    looking for <$200/m.

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    it'll take ages to get thru all the announcements
    is there some kind of top50 or some goodlists?

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    Just a word of caution I would suggest at a minimum you go with HW RAID for your setup it's worth it from a performance point as your looking to go dedicated for both performance and storage size I'm guessing.

    A good quick one page non-technical overview of the difference hw vs software raid
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    Quote Originally Posted by daizzzy View Post
    it'll take ages to get thru all the announcements
    is there some kind of top50 or some goodlists?
    You will find a lot of providers in the Dedicated Hosting section but still if you need names of some reliable providers then you could try

    Leaseweb (NL, De & US)
    Single Hop (NL & US)
    SwiftWay (NL & US)
    ReliableSite (US)

    These are some of the popular ones. If you go around the forum, I am sure you would find a lot more of them.

    Good Luck - Security notices for the hosting community.

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    Some time ago I visited site, not forum but something like list of hosting providers with clients feedback for each company. On this site was list of most popular companies...

    Unfortunately, I don't remember now url of this site. But you could be confident - such resources are exist. I will make a search in my browser history, and if I will find this site, I will put its url here.

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    You can also try Choopa or Singlehop.
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