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    Help With Escort Merchant Accounts

    I urgently need some good advice on finding a payment processor for and online advertising agency for independent escorts.
    I have looked through most of the threads on this forum, and although there are many recommendations for the adult industry, most payment processors - even high risk processors - don't want to work with sites related to the escort industry.
    The website sells advertising space to independent escorts in the US (other countries to follow depending on the legal aspects in each country regarding advertising such services). The payments to process are made by the escorts that want to advertise their services. The business has no involvement in any bookings that are a result of this advertising, neither with the arrangement or payment nor through charging commissions for these bookings.
    Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.

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    This is a tough one. Just the mention of "escort site" makes compliance departments grab the "no" stamp.
    Is the volume per month($xx,xxx) enough you would go with your own merchant account?

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    I happen to know someone in the UK that works in the advertising-only side of this industry. They use Netbilling, who appear to be multinational. I would suggest, however, that you contact them to discuss your needs rather than just file an application.
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    I have had some success with Netbilling in the past as well if its only for advertising. Many of the processors that will support this business type do not like to advertise that they do for fear of card associations getting the wrong idea and fining them.
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    What kind of volume are you expecting? Have you considered offshore, or are you only interested in Domestic solutions?

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