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    Very poor experience with Serverhub

    I've resisted temptation to post this thread; however I am at the point now where it seems Serverhub are blatantly ignoring their normal channels of communication.

    I opened a sales enquiry with Serverhub on December 20th regarding a server. During the sales chat had asked which RAID card would be delivered with the server as was told the company used LSI 9261s.

    Was told on the 23rd with regards to delivery that "Typically with custom configuration it takes 2 to 3 business days.".

    Payment was made on December 24th for the server.

    Opened a ticket on the 27th to add a few notes to the order regarding OS installation as OS installation was selected during the order. Was told that the server was still a few days away.
    Opened a ticket on the 31st to ask for an expected turn up date on the server as wanted to allocate some time setting it up. I made it clear I understood it was the holidays so slippages in delivery could occur. Was told the parts were due in on the day and the server would be delivered either that day or the next.

    The server was delivered two days later on the 2nd without an OS installed. Upon inspecting the configuration it was noted the server had a re-flashed IBM M5014 which differs in specs to the 9261 (half the cache). I opened a ticket on the 3rd informing that this was the case. Was told that they get these cards in bulk and it was the first card they pulled; however they could get the correct card installed.

    I confirmed I was happy for the card to be replaced as the server was not yet usable as they had not allocated an IP range to the server that was requested during the order process. The ticket was updated a few hours later to say that the RAID card was not in stock and they would have to order it in. I was informed they could increase the bandwidth allocation and offer a credit on my next bill if I took the server as is.

    I informed them that I would take the current RAID card as I was not really prepared to wait as the server setup had already extended past the time I anticipated.

    Two days later the IP ranges were routed to the server (4th Jan) so I started to set it up. Upon configuring the server I performed a number of post config checks and benchmarks to ensure everything was in order. I noticed that sequential writes were about half of what they should have been for the setup ordered.

    I then tried a few various things:

    Configuring my own RAID array (as it had been delivered with RAID 10 configured on the card) Checking the BBU was present, healthy and not on a learning cycle Adjusting write-back to write-through and making other changes in terms of block size and FS alignment.

    All results led to the same poor sequential write performance.

    Opened a ticket on the same day (4th Jan) informing of the poor write performance. Support asked me for expected write speeds. I agreed to re-check configurations via IPMI however in doing so the server became stuck at the RAID BIOS. Upon rebooting the server the IPMI then decided to lock out and I did not have permission to reset the IKVM unit under my user so informed them via ticket. I said I believed the RAID card to be faulty and would leave the server for them to diagnose and would like them to install the originally specified RAID card as I suspected the current card to be faulty.

    They replied the same day (4th Jan) that they would look into it.

    I replied on the ticket two days later (6th Jan) Asking where I stood with this as there had been no reply.

    I received a reply asking if I could chat via Skype. I spoke with them via Skype and they agreed to order the requested RAID card and it would be arriving in a few days. They added this note to the ticket itself.

    I opened a ticket on the 9th to check if the card had been delivered to which there was no reply.

    I have not had any reply on any communication since then. I have changed the status of the ticket to critical and also emailed the CEO.

    I contacted Paypal regarding reaching out to the company and they have taken it upon themselves to immediately open a claim.

    I'm not sure what is going on with Serverhub, as apart from the problems I experienced above communication although slow always came through eventually and was extremely polite. There is no way I could trust taking a server into production with Serverhub as I have no idea how long I might be left waiting for problems to be solved in the event of hardware failure.

    I'm hoping I can work things out with Paypal or Serverhub do the decent thing and make good on reimbursing me.

    Although it doesn't matter the service was a $440/mo dedicated server.

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    If you did everything to communicate with them but still no response, I think it would be a good idea to ask for a cancellation and refund.

    Hope you might be able to get your money via paypal especially since this is a service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    If you did everything to communicate with them but still no response, I think it would be a good idea to ask for a cancellation and refund.

    Hope you might be able to get your money via paypal especially since this is a service.
    Indeed, although I wasn't totally happy with the problems encountered at least they were communicating and made efforts to help resolve them. Since Thursday; however absolutely nothing. Thursday is also the last time that a representative logged in to WHT. I hope everything is OK with them.

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    It might be possible they are very busy these days. I see it also with some of our suppliers in USA who responsed within 1 day last year and now need 1-2 weeks to get a simple answer back.
    Not happy about it, but what can you do. I don't think they are in trouble or anything in your case - Online in no time
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    Well as an update. I've had some very apologetic replies from Serverhub regarding the matter with offers of free service and compensation. Sadly my faith is already shaken so I've requested a refund that they said they will honour. I'll update the thread if they come through on this.

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    I wanted to sincerely apologize for the the issues you experienced with some of your recent ticket response time and some other surrounding issues you discussed, it appears there were a few things that didn't transition as it should have.

    Those hiccups absolutely do not meet our standards, and we have have already issued a full refund of your account back to your payment method on file, our customers always come first.

    At ServerHub we are absolutely committed to providing you with the best experience and we understand you have many choices in the industry. Our customers come above all else.

    We have provided you with a response to your email on file related to a previous ticket you have opened, and our previous offer of course still stands.

    We would love for you to give us a chance to shine.

    If you have any other questions please let us know as we are always here to help

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    JohnSH, this is the best you can do in this situation. I'm glad to see that in our world we could see companies that really think about its reputation.

    I hope that Virtovo will be satisfied by your solution

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    Serverhub were very apologetic and issued a full refund. I can't comment if this is a reflection of normal service; however I am happy with the final outcome.

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    Good to know that you got the full refund. Will you stick to ServerHub or look for a new provider?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtovo View Post
    Serverhub were very apologetic and issued a full refund. I can't comment if this is a reflection of normal service; however I am happy with the final outcome.

    I am very glad that we were able to take care of this for you. I again assure you that the issues you ran into were not a reflection of our operations, and I personally am very excited with what we discussed and came to an agreement on.

    I am very pleased that you are happy with the final outcome.

    If there is anything else we can do to help you, I have provided the contact information and phone numbers of some of the staff that handle your account with us at ServerHub

    Take Care

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesWeb View Post
    Good to know that you got the full refund. Will you stick to ServerHub or look for a new provider?
    Just to update, that Serverhub bent over backwards after the initial problems. The server was fully refunded and I was offered a chance to stay on free of charge in addition to being given personal contact information for key personnel. I'll unlikely be continuing business with them; however, they have done the very best they can to resolve issues I experienced.

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