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    managed hosting solution


    We are moving from a colo where we manage our own servers to a managed hosting environment here we hope to lease hardware and utilize the hosting providers services.

    We expect to initially need 2 or 3 servers that we will be vitalizing, but might need to scale rather quickly to more boxes. We have a pretty descent size SQL database and some other high memory requirements, so we expect to need dual 8 core processors and 124+ gigs of memory in each box.

    Can you guys make some suggestions for a managed solution that would be good for someone of our size, but could grow with us as we need to expand?

    We saw some stuff on Codero and is interesting, but i have read some less than favorable reviews from past years. I have not seen much on them recently. Have the resolved these issues?

    Any other suggestions or questions I should ask?

    Thanks for all the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorace View Post
    Any other suggestions or questions I should ask?

    Thanks for all the help.

    Probably more details on what kind of specs you might need, server location and what is your budget?
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    Assuming it's going to be a fully managed solution w/ 24/7 support we do not care where the facility is located as long as it is in the states.

    re: rough specs of the servers and other stuff

    2x 8 core processors
    128gb ram per box
    ssd drive for os
    1tb of storage for database either shared or machine

    image based backup solution


    The boxes will be virtulized

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