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    price of webhost businesses while selling out

    A small webhost business with 500 clients paying total 2500$ per month. how much the buying price should be? the costs of that business is around 500$ per month. please tell whats your price if you would buy a business like that one.

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    Not really enough information to make an accurate quote. But with just the limited information provided I would say between $20,000 and $30,000. However there are a lot of other variables that would have to be considered.

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    A major factor for deciding this will also be the strength of your brand. Obviously only being small your brand may not be worth much, so for a potential buyer they'll just be interested in the clients. However if you business as good reputation/website/reviews/advertising it could be worth just more than the number of clients. So its really hard to tell. Try researching other hosts which have been bought/sold on here.

    Hope this helps!

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    Prospective buyers would need more information - churn, reliability of payments from clients, types of sites involved, etc. You could try putting it on sites like Flippa to see how much interest there is.
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    A lot more information is needed in order to make sure you get the best offer ever . Many people will just throw random numbers at you but if you want to know what you really would get or the numbers you will really see then supply as much information about the company.

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    It is difficult to say but it seems that many web hosts are asking for 2x annual revenues - personally, like others have said, you need to do some due diligence and get a full, complete picture of the company's financial situation before making a move.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reldegart View Post
    A small webhost business with 500 clients paying total 2500$ per month...the costs of that business is around 500$ per month.
    Are you sure of the costs? It seems very profitable to be hosting.
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    One year profit or revenue is a general benchmark figure for evaluation of the business. So if one year profits are 2k per month, buying price may be 24k or so.
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