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    SolaDrive customers - how long do you normally wait for your ticket to be resolved?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the middle of trialing SolaDrive for my new Windows VPS and I must admit, I'm not seeing why they're getting so many good reviews on this forum.

    I've been waiting 5+ days for them to install SQL Server and all I get are (what seem to be) quick copy and paste emails telling me there are errors on the server and they're still working on it.

    Is this regular behaviour?

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    5 days is too much ... ask them about the errors.
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    They say "compatibility issues". They've had to re-install the OS and they still can't finish the task. Makes me think it's time to ask for a refund and look elsewhere.

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    Is this a fully managed server? Or is the SQL installation included in the price/features?

    If it is not then maybe this installation service is on a best effort basis from them. In that case you can't really blame them, right?
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    I know it is too much, But re-installing Windows take only 10 mints. I think they are suffer another problem.
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    @joey2506 Deluxservers is right. it takes only few mins. to reinstall OS. I really think you should just ask them to tell you the actual issue. because 5+ days is bit longer then usual.
    May be they are facing problem and genuine issue.

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    Hi Joe, I am really sorry to hear you are having issues with our service. There are a few things I want to point our first:

    - It's been a little over 3 days since the request was confirmed, not that that is good and by all means shouldn't take that long.
    - Not all issues are created equal, most requests take only minutes to resolve. More complex ones can take longer.
    - A windows install generally takes 30+ minutes on average, unless you are using SSD drives.
    - We dont have much as to restrictions of our support, so its mostly best effort when someone requests something we dont normally support. Most Windows customers use Plesk or something else to manage their sites. While we dont require this, we suggest it.

    I agree though, this shouldn't take this long and I will be checking up with our staff to see the progress and help resolve the issue. What it seems to be right now is that service pack 2 is required so that is being installed and then SQL should install easily. I have found your ticket and also updated you there as well. I expect we will have this issue resolved in the next few hours for you.

    Once again, our apologies on the inconvenience and we hope to make it up to you.
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    whtsupportforum4thewin lol
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