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+ double disk space and bandwidth!

New powerful servers in USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and France, with cPanel, Softaculous, FFMPEG

All orders are instantly activated.

While ordering you can select to be hosted on a powerful server in any of these locations:

  • USA: Kansas
  • Canada: Montreal
  • Germany: Frankfurt
  • France: Roubaix
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam

- Our servers are never overloaded/oversold!
Click here to see our server specs and free resources as displayed in cPanel
(if you are asked for a username and password, enter username: npdemo and password: passdemo )

Coupon codes:
WHT49 -> 49% lifetime recurring discount (valid for any billing cycle)
JANUARY5912 -> 59% lifetime recurring discount (valid for 12 month orders)

Why us
We provide Web Hosting Services since 2002. We currently host more than 2500 web sites by more than 2000 happy customers, on fast servers in USA and Europe. We frequently upgrade our servers and network to meet your requirements for an always online, responsive, fast web site. We do not oversell. Our servers run on 8 CPU cores (16 threads).

Friendly, fast support
Average response time to support tickets: 5 minutes! Average resolution time 10 minutes! Our support representatives are always online.
Our servers are so stable and fast, that although we offer our services to more than 2000 customers, less than 2 support tickets are opened per week!

The resources you need
Our servers are so fast, that can handle high traffic sites and we upgrade our servers several times every year, to provide even better performance.

FFMPEG with all hosting plans
FFMPEG, flvtool2, mencoder, mplayer, mp4box and more tools to run your own PHP video hosting/conversion site

Full control
We operate our own servers and we directly manage them. If a RAM upgrade is required or a new PHP module is required, we apply it in minutes and we do not have to escalate the issue to another company.

Any time refunds
If you cancel within 30 days, you get a full refund. If you cancel any time after 30 days, you get a prorated refund for your remaining unused days of service.

Select between datacenters in USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and France
Now in your order you can select to have your sites hosted in these locations: Kansas USA, Montreal Canada, Frankfurt Germany, Amsterdam Netherlands, and Roubaix France.

All of our shared hosting plans include:
  • Instant activation upon order completion: Your account is ready instantly.
  • cPanel
  • We transfer of your account from another cPanel host, absolutely free
  • Softaculous scripts installer (install Wordpress, Joomla and dozens of other popular PHP scripts in 1 minute right from your cPanel!)
    Click here to view a live demo of cPanel and Softaculous on our servers with all addons we offer! (this is not the general cPanel demo you see everywhere, but how exactly our cPanel is configured with all available extra addons and plugins which give you more power and control over your site)
  • 10-40 GB disk space
  • 300-1000 GB monthly traffic
  • Unlimited number of addon domains, parked domains, subdomains (as long as their disk space does not exceed your plan 10-40 GB disk space)
  • Free CloudFlare integration: Do you want to setup your domain(s) to operate through CloudFlare while still hosted with us? As a certified CloudFlare partner we provide to you the tools you need, integrated directly into your cPanel
  • Google Apps integration: You can setup your email to work with Google Apps, only with a few clicks from your cPanel
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • FTP access
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Apache, PHP, SuPHP, Perl, SSI, Ruby On Rails
  • Suhosin and mod_security protecting your site from attacks without affecting its functionality and performance, as we use custom rules and settings, carefully created by our technical team
  • Unlimited PostgreSQL & MySQL databases
  • Attracta SEO tools: Automatically create sitemaps, ping Google and other search engines and submit your site to them
  • PHP modules: GD, XMLRPC, cURL, GeoIP, FFMPEG, ImageMagick, ioncube, Zend Optimizer and much more (do you need a new module? you ask us, we add it and recompile Apache and PHP)
  • Server selection: you can select between fast servers in Kansas and New York.
  • Trendy Site Builder
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Hosting Plans:

5G -> 10G (Special offer! Double disk space and bandwidth for life!)
5 -> 10 GB disk space
150 -> 300 GB monthly traffic
Regular price: $1.93/month
Lifetime discounted price:
$0.98/month with coupon WHT49
$9.50/year with coupon JANUARY5912

Plans with more disk space and bandwidth available.

Test IP:
Test download: click here

Still not convinced? Don't take our word for it, have a look at what our customers say about us:

Quote Originally Posted by MichaelaCur
The price is very good, registration went smooth and the activation was instant as advertised. I installed 2 Wordpress sites with Softaculous and it went fast as well. It took only few seconds for Softaculous progress bar to run during the setup. I chose your Kansas server I live in Los Angeles and the speed from my location to the server is very good.
-> https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showp...72&postcount=2
Quote Originally Posted by AppDevPoint
+1 for networkpanda I am with them for 3 months now after getting one of their offers posted here. Never had any problems. Wordpress, Coppermine, Prestashop and everything else I tried was installed without any issues and didn't experience any downtimes.
-> https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showp...6&postcount=35
I am happy with networkpanda. I own a new weather site which needs to connect to a service API to fetch all required weather data for every city of the world. The faster the connections to the API, the faster the site loads. With my previous host (which I don't want to mention here) these connections where taking 3-10 seconds each (imagine every time you click a link on a site waiting for 10 seconds to fetch the data and display the content.....).
With networkpanda thinks are awesome. All API connections and page loads are almost instant and my visitors are happy with it. I see a day by day traffic increase after switching to networkpanda and I think that my faster site is the reason. 5 stars from me.
-> http://www.hostjury.com/reviews/networkpanda
Network Panda - these guys are insane
OK - insane in a good way. I signed up for the insanely cheap three year deal, and used a coupon to make it even more insanely cheap. After a day or so I had a question for tech support (I couldn't access my control panel - it was my bad) and they replied instantly. A couple of days ago I had an issue with gmail rejecting forwarded emails (Google admitted it was their problem), and Network Panda tech support replied to my inquiry within a minute. The problem was promptly solved by moving me to another server.

Well guess what? Network Panda support is awesome! Insane in fact. They're treating me as if I paid "real money" for my hosting. Their prices are ridiculous, their support awesome - I'm one happy camper.
-> http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showth...46#post8776846
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