Dedicated anycast DNS hosting for your business starting from 25€

Rage4 Networks specialize in delivering complex networking solutions, software engineering and consultancy services.

Anycast DNS for your business
- more than 35 locations across the World, on all continents except Antarctica,
- own dual stack anycast network (AS198412, AS61163),
- powerful GeoDNS,
- failover support,
- real time usage tracking,
- vanity NS support,
- dedicated anycast IP with custom revDNS entry,
- flexible API,
- sub-accounts support.

Rage4 DNS offers amazing feature set combine with low TCO (even 0.01€ per domain/month) - go ahead and offer your customers all the best!

Pick one of the Rage4 Partner packages or use pay-as-you-go billing mode:

Rage4 Partner 25 - 25€/month for each 100 domains without request limits

Rage4 Partner 50 - 50€/month for each 200 domains without request limits

Rage4 Partner 100 - 100€/month for each 500 domains without request limits

For order and consultancy contact us via email office [ at ]

Our service has been trusted by dozens of webhosting companies, DCs, ISPs including Italian hosting giant Prometeus.