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    Payment processing wanted


    We are looking for a payment processing system for our company, here is a bit of background into what we do and what we need. We sell information products (physical and digital), 50% of our customers are located in the
    US. For most physical products they will have their own Domain and we only require a click to buy button.
    For our digital products we will be setting up membership software.

    We are normally considered medium to high risk as most merchant providers do not seem to understand what information products are.

    Must haves:
    Support subscription payments
    Split payments
    Affiliate billing module
    Long list of supported gateways
    Use our own order form

    To be able to add gateways that is currently unsupported

    If anyone is able to make any suggestions I would be extremely grateful.

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    I recommend use and paid extra to Fraud Detection Filter !
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    I'd recommend

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    Are you looking for a billing/shopping cart system or for a payment solution? My reason for asking is that your list of "must have" features like Affiliate tracking, Upsells, etc. are typically found in a storefront system. The payment gateway / merchant processor is a step behind that in the process.

    Storefront -> Payment Gateway -> Merchant Account

    Also - where is your business based? I know from your post you have 50% of your customers from the USA but are you also based in the USA? - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeapWH View Post
    I'd recommend
    I wouldn't necessarily as their fees are high, see this post -

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