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    How much it will cost to run a reseller hosting company

    Is there any option to setup a reseller hosting business under 100$?

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    These days just about anyone can purchase a reseller account with everything that is needed to run a hosting business included for a flat fee ranging from $20 and above.

    Starting with more money is better but you have to just be sure you have a well written business plan / structure that will help you keep the business running on its own. Starting a business isn't as easy as purchasing a reseller. There are many ways you can go about starting a hosting business. Starting from $100 you can easily go and purchase a reliable server and start selling from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sridharan2010 View Post
    Is there any option to setup a reseller hosting business under 100$?
    Yes and you can even get a hosting billing script for this and the domain you want.

    As long as you can design a site, you are good to go.
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    Now just because you can does not mean you should!

    Having a sound business plan in place and that would include not having ANY clients at all for the first 6 months is a real possibility. Yes, you CAN start within your budget, but you need to work really hard to make it sustainable.
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    Your budget is enough if you want to go with reseller account.
    But you will have to work hard to make it successful

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    Yeah, it sound's like enough. Get a reseller pay around $15-45 a month for a reseller with WHMCS included. Then get a theme (one-time fee) and boom your only half way through your budget. The only other thing that you would need is probably a payment processor such as (stripe) which is free.

    You can easily get a reseller company under $100.

    Domain Name: $10 (Yearly)
    Hosting: $15-45
    Theme: $10-250 (Onetime)
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    I think around $25-30/M is enough if you want to do it. $100 yearly is pretty much going to cause issues.

    If you want to do it what I would consider the "right" way. Would be registering your business $100, planning to have no revenue for a year which is certainly possible $300, have a lawyer write up your legal documents and possibly employment contracts $1000-5000 Template $20-1000.

    I think starting off with a reseller is fine, but you should try and make sure to at least be able to protect yourself and customers if things go sour.

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    There's a difference between running a company and having a hobby. Running a reseller company with 24/7 support would cost thousands of dollars.

    Opening up shop and being able to provide reseller hosting would cost you probably about $35/month for a managed VPS with cPanel.

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    There are a lot of upfront costs with starting a business, which many people have already commented on. If after getting your business legally off the ground, you could get by with $100 out of pocket costs, so long as you are the one providing the support to your customers. This will be very time consuming and low profit margins to begin with, but once you start gaining customers and expanding to larger reseller accounts, VPS, Dedicated servers and more your profit margins will grow but so will your need for 24/7 support.

    The best solution to success will be marketing to your local market, build a business base with local customers that you can spend the extra time with to help build the foundation to your customer basis and then look at expanding, and by they you should have at lot more experience.
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    This can be done. As others have recommended, I would start with a reseller account and try to keep the budget for it around $20/mo. If you can increase your starting budget to about $130 you would then have 6 months hosting fees and your domain name covered.

    If you're talking about selling reseller accounts to your users, this will be more difficult. The cost of a VPS/Dedicated + Licensing limits you to a two month reserve (tops). - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    Yeh, Its possible. Many are waiting to catch your opinion. One is like kushtiahost who are a reseller company setup.

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    Yes, you can start with your budget. But you will have to really work hard.

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