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    Thumbs down X10VPS 24/7 service

    x10VPS providing vps service and promising 24/7 support, which is just a crap. I am their client for more then 4 years and with every new year their services getting worst n worst. they have a monitoring system by which they monitor their VPS and trust me its in hand of those who just don't care if something goes wrong and they called them level 2 support . so if you fall in hands of level 2 support then you will get the resolution after 5-10 hours or may be after 1 whole working day. because every time you reply on the open ticket you ticket will go in last of their level 2 support queue ... so this means don't ask for updates, if you want your issue to be resolved.

    i am victim of this same thing and in hands of totally unprofessional peoples (so called level 2 admins), accidentally their monitoring blocked my out going emails and still they are not able to resolve this matter.. getting huge complains from my clients, losing business and no reply from x10vps admins..

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    If you are experiencing problem every year and still not resolved after 4 years, why are you still with them?
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    I have other servers where i am running potential services and really happy with that. but few are with x10VPS, and having tough time. will put them out soon.

    anyways my issue got resolved after 7-8 hours downtime on smtp outbound..

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    The x10VPS service discussed here was detected by our automated system to be exceeding the email send limit imposed by the x10VPS Acceptable Use Policy. When this occurs further outbound SMTP activity is restricted on the server until manual review by senior staff, at which time the restriction is either removed or held. We send a warning notification when a server approaches the limit, and if the activity continues, a second notification informing of a temporary block.

    Two of these events happened for shaz-thinkglib as discussed here in the thread. (Please note that while spamming activity continues a block is not removed.)

    1) The first spamming event was resolved by the customer themself 3 hours after they contacted us (Contact at 12:10 AM, update informing resolved at 03:10 AM EST). Following the update provided, and upon review of the situation, the block was reviewed and removed at 04:50 AM EST.

    2) The second spamming event was reported later that day at 11:20 AM EST. Our staff initially responded at 11:32 AM EST and the ticket was escalated to our senior staff. Following this, the customer made 15 replies to the ticket at varying time intervals, until 17:50 PM EST, when a senior staff member reviewed the situation, deemed it was okay for removal, and lifted the SMTP restriction.

    The bottom line is that the customer's service was sending mass email spam and that behavior is strictly disallowed. Automated systems are in place to prevent such abuse, and sometimes it takes a few hours for a senior staff member to become available (during this time other support staff are available 24 hours per day).

    Furthermore, it was claimed that the block was accidental. This is not true. The monitoring of outbound SMTP on our VPS services is performed through automated analysis of network traffic. The monitoring is exact and has been in use for quite some time (2.5+ years). While it is possible for there to be a software bug that could impact the accuracy of the system, there has been no information suggesting this to be the case.

    The customer is stating the block is accidental due to WebHost Manager not reporting the email volume prior to the notifications. This is correct if email is not sent via the cPanel systems email server, Exim. The email count built into cPanel/WHM is performed via counting messages generated by Exim itself being sent. If an application, script, or otherwise (which is not using the Exim mail server) opens a network connection to an external host and sends email, it will be caught by our system, but not recorded in WHM. (Since WHM only uses the Exim logging, and this wouldn't be Exim sending the email.) This is what has occurred on the customer's service, and is the behavior that the majority of compromised PHP software exhibits (e.g., compromised WordPress).

    This customer has been with us for more than 4 years with a single service. Throughout this time our support staff have provided countless examples of assistance going above and beyond normal unmanaged server support, as a courtesy. As far as I can see with reviewing their support history we have not received any communications from the customer suggesting a continuing diminished quality of service during this time frame.
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