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    * MS SQL Setup Help Please

    I have been asked to set up a machine with Win2k and SQL2k for web hosting. I'm confident in my ability to set it up OK but I would be grateful for any pointers (from established web hosts?) on any particular SQL hosting issues or security issues (permissions)that I should be aware of at setup time.

    Two issues that I've come up with so far are:

    1. Authentication Mode. It appears that Windows Authentication is the most appropriate. Are there any gotchas in not using Mixed Authentication.

    2. Service Account. There are two options; a local account or a system account. I would have thought the system account was the one to choose but I don't understand the difference in this context.

    Any help gratefully appreciated.


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    i read this recently and thought it was great:

    its not SQL but it does give you some great tips about the Win2k side of your box.

    Check Microsofts wek site for the SQL security whitepaper - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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