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    Help to imporve my site design

    Hello WHT,

    I need your help to improve my existing site look. Currently I am using whmcs template for my site. I dont have developer with me who will design site for me.

    my site is Please give me suggestion how can i make site more attactive. If possible give me any template link which is good for hosting sites. I will purchase it.

    can I use this theme and redesign my site ?

    Yatin Thakur
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    Looks good, however it is a template so no matter what you do it will be quite difficult to make it your own.

    If I'm honest what puts me off more is your price plan of $1 a month for unlimited everything
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    It is a template, so try customizing it a bit like TekHike suggested.

    Something simple that will spruce it up a bit is taking your slider images and make them fade out to your bg color. WIll look better on bigger screens, imo.
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    in hosting plans at dedicated plan i saw 04 GB RAM make it 4 GB RAM remove 0 its not looks good as all hosting sites done
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    I would recommend against the word "unlimited" (especially with that pricing)
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    Like other have said, remove the 0 from $01.
    Try and not used the word "unlimited", For the web hosting, where is the TOS?
    When I try and check out they is not sigh to agree to the TOS??
    Also I don't see anything about the unlimited webhosting?
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