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    website for a logistics company

    I'm planning to build a website for a logistics company. I'm trying to figure out how to place a GPS tracker for their trucks/ship and a way for the client to track their products.

    Can anyone give me directions? Is it possible to use Joomla and Joomla modules? Thanks

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    Usually those 'maps' are Java applets if I am not wrong.
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    Contact the GPS device manufacturer for API so as to use it for live tracking.
    Also you can create virtual checkpoints or use script to send you details every hour regarding the current location.

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    Use a provider like goldstargps or ituranusa or even datatrackfms there are a lot out there any way they will send you a device to install on all trucks or what ever you want to install it on then a login to a sure most these providers also have customs API codes you can use to have a different login system on your custom site which is what you want.

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