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    WebHosting Talk... Had considerable difficulty registering with yourselves!

    Ahhhh... first of all, why do some technical sites 'insist' on showing the coding for a page???

    I really, and I am sure 'others' feel the same, but I really do not wish to see this please?

    Also, when I attempted to register, I had to input my details 'repeatedly' because it said I did not answer the 'random question!'

    Well I never actually saw this!

    Sorry, but first impressions... are very off-putting, and I was looking forward to using the site.

    Having technical skill is good, but expecting everyone else - to have these at the same level, is not realistic...

    For instance, I am with Hostpapa for my site Quirky Claus <dot> COM... obviously no spaces, and I have had issues with this site for years, but understanding the distinction between a server, and hosting, and well - I am also with GoDaddy, and again I don't understand "what is precisely what, and why" too much of the time?

    For example I had to rely on 2 friends recently 'just' to get past coding issues with the site, and this is now a lotbetter! <<< oh why the flamin' coding please?

    This really is tedious!

    Anyway, I will post to the original threat, but what a parlava... for site which should be accessible to "everyone" and be easy to use, and understand!

    I hope you haven't taken exception to anything I have said... as I am only being honest, but these issues require looking at... and I attempting to post... to get advice, but also to assist with my experiences?

    Thanks Sean Sebastian White

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    I can't now... find the original post - I wished to ruddy reply to???

    Oh the cruel irony!

    Serves me right... you may counter for 'parping' on - any assistance please on this?

    This was the chap who was concerned in re HostPapa's legitimacy, and there hosting not being UK based but in Canada?

    I'd wish to say my piece please???

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    Welcome to Web Hosting Talk. Enjoy your stay!

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