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    Question Help: Recommendation needed.

    I would like to test specific software that connects to a https web server on a computer that doesn't have connection to the internet. I installed Abyss Web Server with PHP and everything is working fine but the thing that I need a detailed data about the HTTP request header. In Abyss WS the log can be "patial". I need the raw dump of the whole header and everything else (like a network monitor i.e. Wireshark logs). I cannot use a Network Monitor because it cannot monitor localhost and it is SSL encrypted. So I would like to ask if there is some other lightweight web server software for Windows(Vista) with SSL and PHP(CGI) support and that logs the whole request data. I've seen list of web server software but I have no idea which would be the best for me in this situation. Any hints and ideas? Thanks in advance,

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    You may use "curl" command line tool ?

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    maybe you can use Fiddler2 ?

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