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    Rack911 Review - About 1 year in

    There are a ton of these out there but Steven @ Rack911 has been helping STH for about a year now. He is awesome!

    Every so often something decides to "blow-up" and Steven has it fixed quickly. This has crossed various open platforms from pfsense to Proxmox to CentOS.

    Thanks and a +1 review after about a year.
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    Thanks for the review Patrick.
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    Nice review!

    And your site is also very nice STH

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. They are very active in WHT and provide very valuable input and information for the community.

    Got to love the security notices they provide
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    They are a very good server management team very well built. They are very useful to WHT community and help out a lot when it comes to server management and scripts what not.

    Once again thanks for sharing your experience hope your future with them is even better looking forward in hearing more from you in the future letting us know about your service and if you still use them then.

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    I certainly agree with you. I've used several other server management companies in the past and was never really happy with them. Steven at has always been absolutely amazing, quick, and responsive. Server issues are nearly non-existent and those that do pop up are quickly resolved just as you said.

    +1 to Rack911 for sure and keep up the good work on your blog at ServeTheHome, been a reader of it for a while now.

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