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    Exclamation BudgetVM [split]


    After 1.5years of good service from budgetvm i have found my XEN vps suspended for "node abuse" without any details . i have asked them to tell me what was the problem (vps was actually almost unused , only keeping 2 low traffic ( under 50 visitors/day ) sites . I have explained them that i know nothing about the problem and asked for more information on what the "node abuse" was actually about and also asked them to unsuspended service so i can get a backup of important files and look into logs and reinstall the vps os just to make sure everything will be "clean" in case vps got hacked.
    they replayed me asking me why "this" (no info on what "this" could be) happen and what i am going to do to prevent it from happening again.
    when i have asked them to actually read my previews message and notice them that "i will kic*k their a*ss" with bad reviews on each community talcking about dedicated/vps/shared hosting they told me i need to be more professional and that threating their stuff is not allowed.
    i have asked for supervisor contact or ticket escalation but they answered me that my request is "in process" , no contact provided , no ticket escalation .
    more then 24 hours later , vps is still suspended and no more answer from anyone.
    i have started my bad review of them here (they can remove it ) .
    i`ll wait more 24 houres (not for service to become available since i`ve managed to move those 2 sites somewhere else , but for some clarifications and excuses ) and after that i`ll move to hosting communities with screen shots and quotation from the message exchange.

    again , i was kind of happy with them for 1.5 years but getting suspended for node abuse on a mostly unused xen vps (it has only DEDICATED RESOURCES for ram, cpu and hdd ) withouts any details provided and being required to explain why "this" happen and being denied any decent answer is really annoying for me.

    if anyone from budgetvm want to have a look into the ticket , ticket id is #DZE-410-86864 .

    so , thank you for the service until now but you really screwed up this time.

    after i have reopened it asking WHY it was closed i was informed by same staff member (Christopher) that service was reactivated and ... that`s it . ticket closed again.

    From solusvm vps is offline and i cannot get it started.
    Also stats provided by solusvm shows that for in the last 1 week ( last 2.5 days vps was deactivated" ) max usage was :
    130.9kbps incoming traffic (0.9kbps average )
    5.8kbps outgoing traffic (0.3kbps average)
    1.4Mb hdd read ( average is zero )
    1.0Mb hdd write ( average is zero )

    so , my xem vps (only dedicated resources , not like openvz who uses some shared ones ) was "node abusive"

    if i am looking on the 3 days stats (in order to catch values for the moment right before the service suuspention ) i get these results:

    4.7kbps incoming traffic (0.1kbps average )
    4.5kbps outgoing traffic (0.1kbps average)
    110.6kb hdd read ( 3.3kb average )
    180.7kb hdd write ( 4.7kb average )

    nice service , isn`t it?
    you can see stats screen capture here :

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    they have re-enabled service without any details provided on why they did it , but after 11 hours from "service activated" status and multiple new requests to support server does not boot.
    ah , they simply decided to change ticket subject from "service suspention::node abuse" to "DC02R03DS01 - Failure to Boot". considering that my vps was almost unused this seems to be more a node configuration problem more then a node abuse from mu xen vps.
    this is my reward for having an almost unused xen vps at budgetvm in the last 3-4 days.
    big "thank you" to budgetvm

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