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    Best optimized Provider for PHP/MySQL scripts

    What are the best Provider optimized as performance for PHP/MySQL scripts, like WordPress? (or Xenforo, Joomla)

    Not as WPengine therefore, because I have also other type of site and I prefer more flexibity.

    I am searching a Premium Provider, with a good technology, with opcode cache, web server optimized (Apache + Varnish Cache, LiteSpeed or Nginx), with a good configuration of MySQL or other release, like Percona or MariaDB, who can assure nice performance also for a Shared Hosting.

    No problem for the price.

    I need to have the datacenter in Europe, my target is the Italy.

    What are the best Premium Provider who can you recommend?


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    Sounds like your requirements are fairly simple. Most of the hosts here should have no issues accommodating your basic technical requirements.

    Do you need managed support for your WordPress sites? Most mainstream host will only provide limited support at best with regards to 3rd party scripts like WordPress.
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    MediaLayer and MediaTemple are supposed to be good. Look for reviews on WHT though first. MediaLayer use Litespeed, and MediaTemple say they are "optimised for WordPress" but that's probably marketing rubbish.

    The best way to optimise performance for PHP scripts is to not add about 15-20 plugins like many people do.

    Edit: MediaLayer have servers in NL which should be good for Italian visitors
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    Some useful tutorials for VPSes...
    Set up an unmanaged Linux VPS to host websites
    (avoid having to pay for cPanel)
    Install a GUI on a Linux VPS with RDP (cheap alternative to paying for a Windows license if you need a basic remote workstation)

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    Your requirements are fairly standard so you should not be having trouble wherever you sign-up.
    Just pick a provider close to you for a budget that fits you.

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