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    Blogspot to domain

    Hi ,i have a linux tutorials blogspot.Visitors to the blog very less ,if i converted my blogger to custom domain search engines are able to find me or what?
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    Paid full domains is better than a free sub-domain name.
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    buy domain, and get some links to your new adress, and everythig should be fine
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    Moving to your own domain can help, but it also depends on your content. If the SE's don't consider it that useful to their viewers, your ranking on SERPs will not be as high as you'd like.
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    As stated above paid domain are much more far better than blogspot. Do buy a domain and start working on it with fresh content.

    Rest as if your prevous content is useful and necessary then redirect the particular url to the new one as this redirection doesnt consider as duplicate issue of content and you will be able to work freely on new domain.
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    I've heard that Google has slight bias in ranking blogspot over other domains (due to google service providing to another google service, it even makes sense) so it potentially COULD harm your traffic.

    Heard it also applies to Youtube.

    Starting with a blogspot was a no-no.

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    You can buy the domain name if you want but if you want that search engine will find you then you need to done some link building and seo for your website choose the best keywords which you want use and then after do some work you will be index on search engines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YagHost-Ravi View Post
    Paid full domains is better than a free sub-domain name.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dether View Post
    buy domain, and get some links to your new adress, and everythig should be fine
    Domain alone won't make a difference. Buying a domain will only make your site more professional-looking. But the content will still be a driving factor.

    So I suggest you buy your preferred domain and work smartly in constructing your contents.
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    I think should buy your own domain after that you will redirect your page on that.
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    thanks for the replay guys i am going to purchase a domain and i will redirect it
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