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    Question Domain Transfer Issue at Pending transfer Status


    I need your advice at this moment.
    I have issue with domain transfer (registrar transfer) at this moment.

    1. My domain name at the current registrar.
    2. I submit registrar transfer at gaining registrar.
    3. The gaining registrar sent an email to Admin contact to authorize the transfer.
    4. I approve the transfer.
    5. Gaining registrar sent a transfer request to central registry.
    6. The status of my domain on public whois changed to: Pending Transfer
    7. My current registrar sent me an email telling me that there is a domain transfer request and will be completed automatically in 5 days.
    8. While waiting, I read bad reviews about gaining registrar, and I decided to cancel the process.
    9. I ask the gaining registrar to cancel the process and they did it.
    10. The status on the gaining registrar changed to: Cancelled.
    11. After waiting 1 day, I saw at the central registry is still says: Pending Transfer.
    12. I contacted my current registrar to reject the transfer request. And their answer is the one who can reject or cancel it is the gaining registrar, because there is where the transfer request take place.

    And now, I'm confused.

    I read here about the transfer will take place (automatically) if the current registrar do not reject it. I'm guessing, if this not settled before the 5th day, it looks like my current registrar will "say nothing" and the transfer will take place.

    The issue is at the gaining registrar, the process already stated as: Cancelled.

    So, in my case, what will happen ?
    And what should I do to make sure the transfer will not take place?

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

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    Take a screenshot of the transfer status at both gaining and current registrars, then allow time for the Registry to reflect that status. If you're within maybe day two or three of the transfer process at the current registrar, then I'd say check the Registry within another day.

    Given you rejected the transfer at the current registrar, that should reflect at the Registry soon.

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    I think you need to wait for some time to get status updated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_Z View Post
    Given you rejected the transfer at the current registrar, that should reflect at the Registry soon.
    The one who honor my request to reject the transfer is the gaining registrar.

    The current registrar says that the rejection must be done at the gaining registrar, not them.

    But I heard if the loosing registrar (current registrar) do not give rejection, the transfer will be automatically completed (take place) in 5 days.

    Also I just checked the public whois and the status still: Pending Transfer
    It mean the current registrar haven't reject anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midavecom View Post
    The current registrar says that the rejection must be done at the gaining registrar, not them.
    That's silly. The current registrar can also reject the transfer as long as they have authorization from the domain name's contact.

    May I ask who's the registrar? I wonder if you're dealing with a registrar (e.g. Go Daddy, eNom) or one of its resellers, assuming this is a .com.

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