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    Ramnode 6 month review..... A+


    I ordered a 512MB OpenVZ SSD VPS in ATL back in June just to handle a few sites, and for personal use. Since then I have had minimal problems. Any problems I did have I was able to resolve within an hour over. At times I've peaked 400-500mbit and the server shows no sign of overselling. Uptime has never been an issue for me. If my server did go down ever; I never noticed it. In November I snagged one of their small 128MB servers in NL and have experienced the same great service. No problems at all.


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    Ramnode is a really good host. Used them may times, and have a couple of NL servers just now.
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    Glad to hear that you're happy with Ramnode. They have a solid reputation around here.

    Make sure you report your domain name to the moderators by clicking the "Report" button so they can ensure that it is a real review & hosted with them.

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    Thank you for your kind words, Rizy!
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