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    Website Builder like Parallel site builder or WIX

    All..... I am from HK.. thinking to start the website builder (SaaS) service to my customer... want to know if there are any alternative other than Parallel sitebuilder (pretty bad experiences of previous version).

    Website Builder like WIX, Weebly, Webs or Yola is like the model I want to references to ..
    Please suggest.. Thank you.

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    You might want to check out RV Site Builder. We use that and clients love it.
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    Thank you very much..


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    I would recommend you to consider Trendy website as well. It is simple and user friendly application to prepare website.

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    Website builder CMS mobile and desktop pages

    Creating new sites for existing companies. What simpler CMS website software make creating pages for desktop and mobile easiest? Sites are simple 10 page informational sites, main page, about company, contact page, blog, bio, projects, few photographs short video of works etc. Sites mainly used for email.
    Have used Concrete5 in past but open to suggestions. No budget for designer. Need to do it myself. I know systems but not web design

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    Wordpress these days is a good CMS to go with. Working with the design is fairly easy as well.
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    Let me know the hosting control panel you offer your clients?

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    You can PM me for more info.
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