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    KVM Over IP with Virtual Media Support

    I am planning to buy Avocent DSR4030001 16-Ports KVM switch which stats as following

    "The 16-port four digital path DSR 4030 KVM over IP switch gives administrators virtual media capability through DSView 3 software as well as all the features of the DSR4020. Administrators can remotely load software by mapping a local removable media or mass storage device to a remote server. This allows file transfers, application and OS patches, and diagnostic testing from a CD.This KVM Switch is intended for 4 users"

    I have few questions
    1) Do I need to buy DSView3 Software to manage virtual media?
    2) Do I need to buy any other hardware like Avocent DSAVIQ-PS2M Virtual KVM Switch Interface Module adapter cable?

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    1) You can ONLY manage them with the software - that costs an arm and a leg
    2) YEs you will need an interface module cable (SIM, dongle, whatever you want to call it) per server you want to control, and that is going to cost you another kidney.

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    Check out the Dell 4322DS (4 Users, 32 Ports) or the Dell 2162 (2 Users, 16 Ports) - You don't need to buy any additional software, but you still need the SIPS (DSAVIQ-USB2 or DSAVIQ-USB2L).
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