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    Switching from cable to DSL? Suggestions.

    I am considering switching from Time Warner Cable to to Verizon DSL.

    TWC has been absolutely horrible since I signed up. I won't go into detail on that though.

    I usually have to refresh a page 5 or 6 times for it to connect and display the page. I though at first it may be a DNS issue so I switched to Google's DNS servers. The problem is the same.

    The speed is extremely slow also. My neighbors are also experiencing all of this too!

    I've never had DSL and have heard bad things about it.

    Should I stay with cable or make the switch?

    FiOS is not yet available at my address...

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense. I'm one-eyeing it trying to stay awake right now.

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    I think it would be more faster and stable then before service. But i suggest wireless connectivity
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    You can certainly give it a try, is the internet from timewarner do that on every device you have hooked up to that service? If not it could be just the one computer, also you may be able to request a new modem, or purchase a cable or ssl modem from the stir or online and that may resolve your issue.

    Are you connecting wirelessly or with a cord?

    Do you have a router or are you connecting directly to the modem?

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    I haven't had DSL since 2001, but I absolutely hated it. Been on cable ever since. Time Warner from 2001 until whenever Comcast bought them in this area. Comcast ever since. Nothing can even come close to touching them on speed. Though I'll switch to fios if they ever bring it here.
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